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Hi there! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by the Home Page for, well, that’d be me: Mark Atherlay, Voiceover Actor. My reads are that of a friendly, approachable and down-to-earth kinda guy. Ya know, a good buddy, co-worker or even a cool, older brother. As for characters – as intense or as wacky as you need ‘em. Folks tell me I’m super-accommodating, easily directable and (wait for it) drama-free!

I’m available to audition and/or record from my home studio right here in L.A. Here’s what’s in the Recording Chain: Whisper Room SE2000 Series, AudioTechnica AT-4040 mic, M-Audio MobilePre USB, MacBook Pro, Twisted Wave recording software and Skype patch-connection abilities.

Thanks again for taking the time for a look & a listen. I look forward to helping you out with any of your Voice Over needs.

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